Video: Goal strategy- Part 2!

Video: Goal strategy- Part 2!

Rally your resources! “R” in DRIVE the 5.

***I took one for the team and recorded this video in pajamas, without makeup, and with crazy hair that is partially wet… but I love you, and want to bring you these awesome tools! Plus that is my real life. Twin pregnancy ya know? 😉

ANYWAY… My goal guru (mom) is back to take us through more of her DRIVE the 5 goal coaching program for FREE. Thanks mom 🙂 She has always been an amazing coach to me and I am so happy she is willing to share these tools with you!

Her workbook has a personality assessment that will tell you what motivates you specifically.  For example I am an “I” personality and am motivated by making things fun.  So I need rewards to keep things fun and that helps me stick to my goals.  If you want to download/print her amazing workbook with all the information that is so fun to fill out… it is found here.Otherwise you can use a piece of paper and write things down as we go!  (She is giving it to everyone 50% off so it is only 9.99 right now).  No joke her program has changed my life, and so many people’s lives.

Keep working toward your goals everyone.  You can do it, you deserve it, and the future you will thank you for it!

For the “Define your goal” first video go here

Hope this helps!



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