Video: Goal strategy… I got it from my mama.

Video: Goal strategy… I got it from my mama.

“I’ve always encouraged people to choose a fitness goal first when they are redesigning their whole lives.  Once you accomplish a fitness goal you are empowered to go forward and accomplish more goals.” -Denet AKA the best mom ever

I am SO excited that my mom let me take advantage of her and agreed to start teaching her goal techniques on my blog! (Isn’t the part about the 3 quick wins and the dopamine in your brain so interesting?!)  She has been teaching goal seminars at her work, the local prison (to help the inmates set goals and change their lives), and most importantly ME.  I realized a lot of my drive comes from setting and achieving goals… I got it from my mama!  Thanks mom for taking the time out of your busy life (she is the director of marketing for a HUGE real estate company and rocks that too) to inspire us to improve our lives!

For more info here is my mom’s website: She has a downloadable workbook that is interactive to keep you on track with your goals and make a PLAN to execute and succeed based on your specific personality type… this part kind of blew my mind when I did it! (She is making it 50% off right now for all of you because ya know… she loves me haha)

We will be doing these little vids about once a week.

I put my W-H-A-M goal on my mirror and read it every morning… make it cute and try it!



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