Video: Goal coaching- part 3!

Video: Goal coaching- part 3!

“Our identity is the biggest determining factor of our success or failure.”

ok I look like I am about to cry in the thumbnail of this video… maybe I am??  I am carrying 11 pounds of twins in my body! lol So excuse the pajamas and pained look on my face.  THIS VIDEO IS SO IMPORTANT.  What labels are you putting on yourself?  REFRAME THEM…  Especially if you are doing my challenge starting on May 29th 😉 

Thanks for coming and doing this Mommy!  You are so motivating!

Find my mom’s awesome workbook HERE

Here are the first two videos we have done for our goal coaching sessions!

D- define your goal found HERE

R- Rally your resources found HERE




Drive the 5 steps to success… more coming soon!

hope this helps!



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