Twin Bumpdate & Pregnancy Favorites

Twin Bumpdate & Pregnancy Favorites

Finally hitting the third trimester (I am 31 weeks on Saturday!) feels like a huge accomplishment.  I am out of the woods with twin to twin (TTTS) and the boys are thriving.  Baby A was trying to suck on baby B’s toes through the membrane when I saw them the other day on an ultrasound!  It was hilarious and so cute.

My body really hurts.  It has been frustrating to want to go go go all day like I am used to but my body saying “yeah right”.  I get so so tight and the boys feel so heavy.  They are each almost 3 pounds!  I am barely sleeping because my ribs hurt so much every time I lay down.  Plus Navy is needing me a lot and always wants me to snuggle her which normally I love but right now that hurts too.  She accidentally kicks me in the stomach and it doesn’t feel great! I have breakdowns at least once a day because I have to ask for help.  I wish I could do everything on my own.  It is very overwhelming!  I can’t wait to be able to workout hard and have my strength back… although this honest post has been mostly negative… I really am so excited that the twins are coming.  What an amazing thing I get to experience… I keep daydreaming about their little faces, seeing Navy as a big sister, and starting this new crazy chapter! 7 weeks to go!

I am 30 weeks and 130 pounds.  Trying to eat as many veggies as possible to give my body and the boys a lot of nutrients!  I also really crave the asian places that cook their food front of you… but heartburn and no room for food makes all that deliciousness come with consequences lol.

Here are some things that make my pregnancy way better..

  • This gorgeous insulated cup. I take it everywhere (in the car, the bath, my doctors appointments, to bed, I’m not kidding everywhere!)  It keeps my ice solid ALL DAY LONG!  How amazing are the rose gold straws?  This cup is the only way I drink water since it is SO COLD and feels cold coming through the metal straw.  Obsessed…
  • The Old Navy rockstar 24/7 pants… they feel like sweatpants… enough said!  I wear them everyday and have two pair.  They run big so size down.   I am wearing them in the picture below.  Also love my shirt and floral heels!  They have a chunky heel so they are stable and don’t hurt my feet.  This outfit has been my go to lately!  Shirt $30 / Pants $36 / Shoes $89
  • The Lululemon align pant.  I am currently wearing 2 sizes bigger than my normal size. (Pictured below)  Also my shoes are only $84.00!  I LOVE how comfy they are and the color. Get here
  • Bai drinks or crystal light energy packets.  If caffeine isn’t your thing disregard this!  I need a little pick me up around 3pm to make it through mommy-ing and growing 2 more babies!

Hope these favorites help!

Only 6.5 weeks to go until I have two beautiful baby boys… wow life is about to get crazy. Send prayers my way.  I am going to need them… Ah!



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