//Tracking servings//

//Tracking servings//

Good morning everyone!

Every day I drink the smoothie to combat hunger, hydrate, and nourish my body BEFORE my meals.  If you are just starting your clean eating journey and are overwhelmed try incorporating 4 cups of green veggies into your daily diet.  Eat them before your meals so you are left satisfied.  Nourish first, satisfy second.  

If you follow my meal plan,  here is a breakdown of the servings plus the brand of toast I LOVE! 


  • 1 c spinach- 1 serving vegetables (1 of 6 veggie servings) 
  • 1 ripe banana- 1 serving fruit (1 of 2)
  • 1-2 cups water depending on how thick you want it. 

Toast: Alpine Valley omega 3 bread.(you can get this at Costco or smiths)

  • 2 pieces of the 80 calorie slices- 2 grain servings (2 of 6 grain servings)
  • Tiny drizzle of honey. 

Again drink the smoothie first to nourish and fill up, then end your meal with the toast to satisfy your tastebuds. 

My meal plan is 7 days and focuses on getting enough servings of 6 essential food groups. Grains, veggies, fruits, lean meat/protein, healthy fat and dairy. It is simple and easy to follow plus it is sustainable. It is 10 bucks. 

If you want it You can PayPal me: fitnesscarli@gmail.com or venmo me: Carli-williams and I will send it your way. Make sure to put your email in the message! 

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