The three things that made me go from hating everything health/fitness related… to CRAVING it.

The three things that made me go from hating everything health/fitness related… to CRAVING it.

1. I started small and I gave myself grace and love. I remember crying the first time I tried to exercise after I took the picture on the left. It was freaking hard!!!! I think I said to my husband “I feel like a grandma 😭 your wife is a frumpy grandma now” So dramatic but that is how I felt. 🤷‍♀️😢 So I decided Instead of giving up I was going to workout for 14 minutes a day. That felt manageable. Whatever those 14 minutes looked like, I would walk out of the gym proud of my efforts and saying “you’re a BA you just hit your goal!” I didn’t beat myself up for not having an hour long workout. I hoped I would get stronger from the 14 minutes…and guess what? I DID! Soon my workouts became longer, more intense, and I looked forward to them… even craved them! Me??? Loving the gym? No way!

2. I forced the veggies before my meals to fill up my stomach and nourish my body with all the amazing things veggies do for you. I LOVE veggies now, but at first I hated all healthy food and craved what I was eating before. I knew that if I wanted results eating was a huge part of it… but had to figure out a way that didn’t well… suck. SO I ate my veggies before since they are low calorie with a lot of value and finished with something that tasted good to me. This allowed me to not be hungry after my meals and kept my calorie count in check 🤗. I had a cheat meal on the weekend and soon my cravings went away. I craved the veggies all of a sudden… ME??? Craving veggies?? Who am I!?

3. I made it social. Workout dates with friends make you less likely to skip the gym and distract you as you get it done! As a mom it is rare for me to take time for myself socialize and focus on ME. I organized gym sessions with all the girls in my church and would have an hour to talk about girl stuff instead of baby talk (I love baby talk btw 👶🏼) I can honestly say most of my best friends came from my workout groups. This time also allowed me to feel rejuvenated, full of endorphins, and ready to be the best mom/wife I could be. (And feel sexy instead of like a grandma 😉)

If you are starting my challenge, or trying to get into fitness… make it fun, keep trying, and make sure you are giving yourself lots and lots of LOVE.

Hope this helps!


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