Supplements and #Fitlife Favorites

Supplements and #Fitlife Favorites

I get a lot of questions about what supplements I take.  I actually only use 2 and not at the same time!  I am sure a lot of supplements are great, but they can be so expensive!  I have found that the only supplement I need is pre-workout.  I love how it gives me energy to push it during my workouts! So here they are along with “a few of my favorite things” for the #fitlife.

  1.  Zipfizz- this was my lifeline while I was nursing Navy and going to the gym.  I take this 20 minutes before a workout or anytime I need more energy for mommying.  It is “natural” caffeine so there is no crash after the energy boost.  Skip the diet drinks and use this instead for a pick-me up. You can get my two favorite flavors here and here.

  2. C4-  When I am needing an extra boost at the gym I take c4.  I DID NOT take this while nursing, just started taking it recently.  Get it here.

  3. Protein drinks – These are the only protein drinks that my stomach can handle.  I love that they are low calorie, but still give you the protein you need after the gym!  My favorite flavors are vanilla and chocolate.  Get it here.

  4. My all time favorite popcorn!  Boom chicka pop lightly sweetened popcorn SAVES me in the calorie department when I want something sweet! I also love the skinny pop white cheddar popcorn (you will see both of these items in my meal plan) when I want a salty something. Get the lightly sweetened here and the cheddar skinny pop here.

  5. Little kids shoes!  My sister used to work in kids shoes at Nordstrom and ever since I buy all of my brand name shoes in kids sizes!  They are always cheaper and if you can get them on sale it is a double score!  Most kids shoe departments go up to a women’s size 7.  I LOVE these pink ones: found here And these ones from nike are on sale and so inexpenseive, found here.  ALSO I want these white shoes so bad! They are not kid size, found here.

  6. The invigorate tight from lululemon.  I just bought these as a special occasion purchase and love the pattern!  They are so cute, have magic bum powers, (I stole that from my friend courtney)  and can be found here.

  7. And last but not least…my other secret weapon for energy through your workout!  My favorite oatmeal (this is found in my meal plan as well) found here.

 Hope this helps you on your fitness journey!

For my meal plan/lifting guide click here!  



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