Southwest Salad Recipe

Southwest Salad Recipe

If you’re a busy mom on the hunt for a simple, healthy and delicious recipe…. here you go! This is one of my all time favorite go-to recipes and I love that hardly any prep is required. I am all about keeping it real and in reality we may not have all of the time in the world. I wanted to share this recipe because it is simple, sustainable and something your whole family will love when you have little time on your hands.

My 28-Day meal plan features 7 of my favorite go-to recipes and in the back of the plan I teach you how to implement those recipes into my charts. My charts are a fun way to keep track of the foods you are eating. I wanted to share this recipe for free for those of you who have not purchased this plan yet. This will give you an extra recipe and an idea of how simple and fun my meal plans are.

For those of you that have my 28-Day meal plan, this will be another recipe for you to follow.  I have included the food group break down for my chart so that you can easily fill yours in!

You can save this recipe to your phone, desktop or print it here:

Make your healthy eating journey fun! My 14-Day meal plan is a perfect place to start, you will learn my formula and have simple meals to follow. My 28-Day meal plan has more days to follow, my favorite recipes, fast food options, a vegetarian day and a gluten-free day. I share so much information about what I eat and how I plan my meals so that you can learn on your own.

If you want a community of support as you follow my plans, be sure to join my next challenge on April 30th. I am here to help and guide you on this journey!



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