The babies are coming in 5 weeks at the latest and my nesting instincts are hitting hard!  I have been obsessed with having my space clean, beautiful and smelling fresh.

I have been wiping every surface with this countertop spray because of the smell.  I even wipe down things in my room so that my room will smell like it!  Bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, office…  Everywhere.  My favorite scents are lemon verbena and lavender.    Found at almost any grocery store, target, or HERE.

My life is about to turn blue with upcoming arrival of the twin boys so I bought pink hydrangeas and the volcano candle in PINK for accents in my room.  These pops of femininity are making me feel happy in these last uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy.  I also have the candles in white in my office!  I used to work at Anthropologie in college and always wanted to buy these candles but never felt like we could afford it since we were poor law school students lol.  They feel extra special to me for that reason!  Nordstrom has this pink one here.

 Can’t wait for these little guys! 

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