My Hospital Bag Essentials

My Hospital Bag Essentials

I am so close to having the twins which means I am busy getting everything ready to go! I wanted to share exactly what I have packed in my hospital bag with you all, I want to feel comfortable and at ease, so it’s important that I have all of my essentials with me.

I am obsessed with this adult Goosebump swaddle! It’s seriously so comfy and soft, I have been using it almost daily. This is an absolute must for my hospital bag as it’s important to have something in there just for you. I have also packed up these adorable outfits from Goosebumps! These will be the outfits that the boys are wearing home and I can’t wait to see how cute they will look. The designs are so unique and the fabric is so soft!

My pink Gap slippers are also a huge must, I’m always wearing them around the house because they’re so soft and light. Bringing my own pajama set and robe were also important to me, I wanted to bring along something I would feel comfortable in.  I found both of these at Nordstrom and luckily they are on sale right now! They’re also both the perfect pink blush color and super high-quality.

I have also included my go-to sweats at the moment from the Loft, they are so soft and will be a perfect outfit to come home in.

I got my nursing tanks from Amazon, these are an essential to have during your hospital stay! They make nursing so much easier and take away some of the hassle.

The Madela soft shells may seem a little weird, but they are life savers!! I used them while I nursed Navy, they make it so that nothing touches you, making breastfeeding so much better and a lot more doable.

As a present for myself I got these pink APL’s that I am obsessed with! They are so comfortable and look so good with anything. I can’t wait to be able to workout in them. (I would suggest sizing up in these shoes as they tend to run small!)

You can shop all of my essentials here: Click on the links below….

1. Blush pink APL sneakers 2. UGG robe 3. Nursing tanks 4. Pink pajama set 5. GAP faux fur slippers 6.Madela soft shells 7.Loft grey sweats



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