My Go-To Fat Shredding Salad

My Go-To Fat Shredding Salad

Hey Friends! Week 2 of the 2021 Tone Up Challenge is in full swing, and what more could you need than a salad that fits perfectly in the protocol!? This salad is full of low glycemic foods which will in turn help your body burn its fat storages, and it tastes amazing.Win-Win! Here is the ingredients and recipe for my newest addiction!

Ingredients (You can have as much of these ingredients as you desire!)

Organic Baby Spring Mix- Spring mix is full of fiber for optimum digestion and helps fill you up!

Uncured Bacon- Any bacon is great as long as there is no sugar! I like mine extra crispy and then cut up into "bits". Bacon is full of both protein + fat so it's PERFECT for BLASTING those "extra" fat storages away. 

Organic Avocado- Nature's breastmilk and full of so. much. fat. Avocado adds that extra creaminess to the salad, and is just so delicious!

Vital Farms Eggs (Boiled)- This is another great source of both protein and fat, and can be cooked beforehand so there is no prep! Boiled eggs are great to always have on hand! 

Sliced Black Olives- Yet another source of protein and fat! If you prefer green olives you can also have those! Both are great to include for an extra POP of flavor!

Raw Pumpkin Seeds- Adds the perfect CRUNCH to your salad! Salads can become repetitive and boring... I always spice up my salads with some extra nuts to keep the flavors interesting! 

Organic Feta- Feta makes this salad go to the next level by adding that "TANG" and creaminess on top of the avocado. Surprisingly even feta will help you burn fat...crazy right?!

Dressing: Any dressing that has no sugar and less than 1 gram of carb is great. Here are a few of my favorites for this salad: 

-Primal Kitchen Vinaigrette & Marinade Greek

-Tessemae's All Natural Classics Organic Dressing Marinade and Dip Ranch

-Marzetti Simply Dressed Caesar Dressing 


1. Cook bacon to a crisp, and boil eggs to the level desired. Once boiling I enjoy my eggs cooked around 8 minutes for full yolk cooked. 

2. Cut avocado, eggs, and bacon into size desired. 

3. Add spring mix, bacon, avocado, pumpkin seeds, eggs, olives, and feta into a bowl. Take your salad chopper and finely slice the salad to bits. I enjoy doing this so I get a bit of each ingredient in every bite! 

4. Add the desired dressing on top, and enjoy! 

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