My favorite baby essentials!

My favorite baby essentials!

I still can’t believe I have two handsome twin boys and a beautiful daughter. I feel so lucky to now be a mom of three. It is not easy, but being a mom is the BEST and I am so grateful! I wanted to quickly share my favorite baby essentials with you all, these are SO needed, I am also including my review of the Willow Pumpbelow for those who have asked.

First of all, I love all of my Goosebumps shop baby gear.  Their knotted sac sets (pictured above) make it so much easier to change diapers and the material is so soft and unique. I am also obsessed with their goosie binks (they have material attached to the back) and their blankets are so soft and light weight.  My favorite blankets are the adult swaddles for me and the solid charcoal for the boys.

My next must have item is the DockATot, I was so excited when they finally arrived and I had a perfect spot for the boys to sleep at. The best part about the DockATot is that it is portable and easy to “dock” your baby anywhere.  They are even machine washable! Did you know that the bottom is angled and solid?  Perfect for keeping the babies in an ideal position. How darling is the marbled cover on them too??

I also absolutely love Cozy’s! Their little outfit sets, car seat covers and blankets are the best.  I use them all of the time and they are so soft.  I love the feel of the fabric, and the style of the prints they use.

Cozy’s outfits are the only sets that fit these 5 pound boys! How cute is little Wells’s expression???

My Willow Pump has also been so essential! For those of you that haven’t heard of the Willow Pump, it is a wearable breast pump; there are no tubes, cords or bottles. It’s pretty amazing!

I got a lot of questions about this pump and I wanted to give my honest review- There is definitely a learning curve to it, but so far the benefits of it are worth the practice. They have online coaching to help you along the way, which is great. I also recommend that you make sure you get the right bra… you want it to fit correctly. The freedom it gives you is AWESOME, just be prepared to put some time in to figure it out.

I hope knowing my essentials is helpful to you all! I have so appreciated the love and support you have all shown me with the twins. It means so much to me!



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