My Challenge Winners!

My Challenge Winners!

I was blown away by all of the submissions I received from all of those who did my last challenge! Thank you to each of you for being a part of this challenge and for being SO inspirational, you are all amazing!
I chose each winner based on their inner/outer transformations. Each story I read was so motivational and I wanted to share them! 

1st place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $500)

Dani Lutz 

Here is her story:
“I began following your meal plan on January 15 2018 (a week late for your last challenge), and it’s safe to say it has totally changed my life! Pregnancy was hard on my body and on my relationship with food– I gained 50-60 lbs with each pregnancy! When I started your meal plan, I never felt like I was on a diet, or went hungry, or that anything was “off limits”. I have learned so much about how to achieve a healthy balance by eating tons of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains and exercising regularly.  I don’t feel guilty about having a cheeseburger or a piece of cake once a week or so, because I want to live my life! I have started craving veggies all the time, and even when presented with less healthy options, I almost always PREFER to eat something nutritious.  Eating healthy and exercising has also done wonders for my mental health.  Since I began your meal plan and exercising regularly, I have been diagnosed with and treated for post partum depression. I feel SO much better, so much more patient with my children and more capable of facing life’s challenges, big or small. I know it sounds so corny, but taking control of my health has reinforced the fact that I CAN do hard things.  It feel so good to have accomplished one of my goals: I have lost exactly 45 pounds since January 15.  I went from 165 to 120.  I hope to continue to gain muscle mass, become more toned and stronger, and am excited to continue to see changes in my body. I am running my first half marathon in June. Life is GOOD! Thank you so much for creating this meal plan.”

Dani, you are AMAZING! 

I am So proud of her and I know that we can all be inspired by her hard work and dedication.

2nd place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $200)

Lauren Nolen 

Here is her story:

“I knew something had to change after a winter of getting up to my heaviest weight not pregnant. I’d been following your Instagram feed for a while and saw the amazing results others got. I was hesitant as again, I’d never counted calories but I went ahead and bought your plans and decided it was time to take back my life and start for your next challenge so I could get healthier for both me and my family. I mean, my kids are active so I don’t want to be that mom that is sitting on the sidelines cause I’m out of shape or not confident or feeling the best in my body (which is 100% how I felt at the beginning). 
So off I went prepping and making a commitment to be the best I could be in the next 8 weeks! I added bbg (which I’ve also tried but never finished) to amp up my results. I never missed a day (even if I had to modify). I’ve had 6 knee surgeries (!!! again, sports) so I’ve made up a lot of excuses about exercising as well over the last few years (ie-I can’t run so I’m not able to really do anything). So NOT true! I may have to modify or do low impact fitness but I CAN and I NEED to workout to help me mentally as well as physically get to where I want to be. 
The combination of bbg and your plans have been EXACTLY what I’ve needed and my personal recipe for success! I’ve dropped 13 pounds in the last 8 weeks and feel soooo much better in my clothes and confidence!!!”

3rd place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $100)

Alycia Feller

Here is her story:

“Thanks so much for composing this meal plan! It took awhile to get used to and I needed to add calories to it because I am still breastfeeding my little one but this worked AMAZING for helping me shed a TON of baby weight…….I love knowing what I am going to eat and that the meals take little to no time to prepare…because what new mom has time to cook! I did have to adjust it due to the baby’s dairy intolerance so I had to cut out dairy, soy and whey but I was able to find easy substitutes. “

Because there were SO many amazing transformations I also chose a few bonus winners:
(Who will receive a prize of $50)

I am SO proud of you ALL! Thank you to everyone who entered! If you would like to be a part of my next challenge, it starts on May 29th! You can get all the details for joining here. The community of support is one of the best parts of the this challenge, I am so grateful for you all. 



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