May challenge winners!

May challenge winners!

There were SO many amazing submissions for this challenge, I had a hard time choosing the winners, I am SO proud of everyone who entered. I chose all of the winners based on their inner/outer transformations. Many of these stories brought me to tears and I wanted to share a bit about the winners with you all!

1st place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $500)

Hayley Spitzer

Here is some of her story:

Food has always scared me. Eating has always scared me. Up until 8 weeks ago, food was the enemy. Now, food is my fuel and even more-my friend. My journey started out about 4 months after having my second child, and I was coming out of a really dark place. I wouldn’t say I had PPD, but I was a stress case, I was exhausted, i was constantly getting frustrated with my two year old and my husband (probably from lack of sleep but looking back-probably also from not eating enough!) and I had major guilt that I wasnt able to give my two year old the attention she needed. I couldn’t control a lot of the things going on in my life, but I could control my body and how I treated it. Without getting too preachy and into too much detail, after many nights on my knees and many tears, I decided to check out this plan and really give it a try. My food fears soon turned into a deep appreciation for food

(mainly green beans, spinach and all things veggies!! 😂) And a desire to treat my body better. When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m full, I stop. When I want something sweet, I eat a salad first and then satisfy my sweet tooth second (Carli’s main rule to live by!) I’m happy that I physically look better, but I’m even more happy that I feel better and that I have a new relationship with food that I will carry with me the rest of my life!

I was blown away by Hayley’s inner transformation, her story touched me SO much and I felt like I could really relate. Thank you Hayley for being SO amazing and sharing with us all.

2nd place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $200)

Krystal Christensen

Krystal lost a total of 17 pounds and said that she feels good and most important is that she is happy and her kids are learning to be healthy as well. (Mom win!) Krystal, you are AMAZING. I was completely blown away and inspired by her transformation, what an amazing journey Krystal! Thank you for sharing with us all and continuing to encourage others, you are beautiful!!!

3rd place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $100)

Casey Zier

Casey is just amazing! She has been sharing her journey every step of the way and has been a huge support to so many in my community! I couldn’t be more proud of her. Here is some of her story:

On May 29th, Patrick and I decided that we had reached the point where we wanted a change.  We couldn’t fit in our clothes, had no energy, felt blah all the time and knew we needed a healthier lifestyle.  My dear friend Loren Brown told me about an 8 week meal challenge she had done so Patrick and I decided to do it together and it is one of the best decisions we have ever made.  When I look at my before and after pictures I am in complete shock about how much you can change in 8 weeks solely on changing your eating habits.  Notice, I didn’t say how much your body can change, although that part has been amazing, I said how much YOU can change.  When I started this challenge I was 6 months postpartum, had experienced terrible baby blues, had no confidence, no energy and felt like I was failing myself, my Husband and my kids. Fast forward 8 weeks, I have tons of energy, I feel good about myself again, I am craving healthy foods, I fit back in all my pre-baby clothes and I am hands down a better Wife and Mom because I am HAPPY again.  

I can’t thank you enough for coming up with this plan.  I love it because the challenge is only 8 weeks but we will never stop using the things we learned about food to have a healthier lifestyle.”

Casey you are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your journey with us all! You killed it!!!

There were SO many amazing transformations that I totally had to pick 3 bonus winners:
(Who will receive a prize of $50)

Congrats to Clara, Doug and KJ, you are KILLED it and are SO inspiring!!

If you are ready to join in my next challenge starts on Monday! You can jump in here! 
I just want to thank everyone of you who entered this challenge, you are AMAZING and have inspired me! I love this community of support.



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