Killer glute workout!

Killer glute workout!

After I got the okay from my doctor and some safety guidelines I started focusing on working my legs, glute, and upper body. If you’re pregnant talk to your doctor and listen to your body before doing any workouts!
 I haven’t been doing any core work as it can lead to ab separation. I do go to my cardio class, but I keep things very modified and mild, making sure my heart rate does not go over 140 BPM. It feels good to move and stay active!
I have been doing three resistance days and three cardio days so I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite glute workouts.  This is super simple and is what feels good to me as of right now.

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Back to the workout!

Follow these steps…

1. 20 weighted sumo squats

I used a 5 pound weight for this, go slow and listen to your body! 

2. 10 curtsey lunges per leg

Focus on squeezing and engaging outer glute muscle.

3. 15 romanian deadlifts

Keep your back straight and hinge from the waist, engage your hamstrings and lower the weight all the way to the ground and come back up!

4. 15 donkey kicks per leg

Rest for 1 minute in-between each set.  Repeat 3-4X.

Like I mentioned above this is what I am doing as of right now to have a fit pregnancy, it’s important to listen to your body and do what feels good to you! I’ve also found it important during pregnancy to wear the most comfortable clothes, especially during a workout. I have been wearing regular workout pants and just sizing up 2 sizes from what I normally wear!  I’ve also been loving the Victoria Secret sports bras and a lot of my favorites are on sale today! (Like for real, they’re all on killer deals and they’re going SO fast!) You can shop them below…

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Hope you all find this workout to be helpful! I love that it gives me a great burn!

Love, Car

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