July challenge winners!

July challenge winners!

It took me longer than ever to choose the winners because there were SO many AMAZING submissions. Each and every one of you who entered the challenge blew me away. Your inner and outer transformations were all so inspiring! Thank you to all of you who were a part of this challenge and community. I wanted to take a moment to congratulate the winners and share a little bit about their journeys with you all….

1st place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $500)

Mekynzie Jensen

Here is some of her story:

Oh my gosh I am over the moon with excitement and love for you and this amazing fitness challenge!! Besides the obvious changes to my body, I found that my mental health and state of mind is in a whole new better place!! I finally feel I’m starting to be in more control and understanding of what goes into my body. So usually at least twice a month I get killer hormonal migraines, they usually knock me down for a good 1-3 days. I have two toddlers and it’s all I can do to get them fed and lay back down in a dark room. Since i  changed my diet, thank you thank you, and adding soooo many more veggies & less processed food, to my life, I’m only getting one migraine a month and they are totally manageable!! At the start of one coming on, I immediately make your yummy spinach/banana drink and it fuels my body and helps sooo much! You have given me my life back! Thank you!!! 

Mekynzie you are AMAZING! I am SO inspired by her transformation… so grateful that she is apart of this community and shared her transformation with all of us!

2nd place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $200)

Chelsea Gonzalez 

Here is some of her story:

“When I started this meal plan I didn’t realize how huge a tool it would become in my life. I no longer am counting calories, but am able to intuitively make better, smarter and healthier decisions throughout my day. The meal plan provided me with insight to how to portion and gave me good alternatives for eating meals I typically would binge… (hello pizza!!) This is not the end for me, but definitely an amazing starting point. I’m 20 lbs down, I am able to run now, have gotten my resting heart beat to drop dramatically… and chasing my toddlers around doesn’t end with me unable to breathe. My life is dramatically different than it was 8 weeks ago. I’m so much happier today, not only because I’m back into my smaller jeans or anything like that.. I’m just so happy to feel HEALTHIER.”

You are AMAZING Chelsea, I loved seeing her journey along the way, she worked so hard and deserves every victory! SO proud of this gorgeous girl!!

I had so many amazing entries this time around I decided all of the rest of my winners were tied at 3rd place! I was SO blown away by each and every one of them!

Above is Lauren Klump, she was a 3rd place winner and her inner transformation had me in tears. I want to share exactly what she said with you all, this is WHY I do my challenges. Thank you for sharing with me Lauren, it means the world! You are such an inspiration and I know so many Mom’s can relate to this.

Here is what she said:
I could talk about how uncomfortable the person on the left is and how she’s sure these pictures would never be shared with anyone else. But instead I want to focus on how this isn’t a weight loss success as much as it is an emotional and mental celebration. 

I was able to beat PPD without using drugs
I was able to wake up in the mornings and smile again 
I was able to end my day with some remaining energy left
I was able to find strength to workout even when I was sick
I was able to say no to things that weren’t good for me
I was able to stop envying those around me and learn to love myself and them equally
I was able to stand in front of a camera without trying to hide 
I was able to acknowledge my worth again
I was able to commit myself to a running program 
I was able to break through a weightloss plateau
And yes, I was able to finally fit back into my prepregnancy pants.
This plan wasn’t just about a physical transformation. It was about teaching me that I had the strength to push past the excuses, defeat insecurities, control deep-rooted emotions and clear the chaos from my mind to discover my true self again. 
The inches lost was just a bonus. 
Sometimes we get so focused on the physical transformation of diet plans that we lose sight on what the journey is really about: discovering the strength to make the right choices to become the best version of ourselves. It’s about good nutrition and good health that then positively affect us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course physically. It helps us overcome obstacles that stand in our way. 

Thank you, Carli, for providing a tool that helped me find me again in the best possible way. “

Gina started my challenge when she was 27 weeks pregnant! If you are pregnant you can follow my challenges, I just recommend talking to your doctor first and adding the needed calories to nourish your little one. For Gina it was all about the inner transformation and I absolutely love that what she said: “Something I’ve learned though is how aware I am of how I feel now because of this challenge. I feel so much better when I follow the plan and I get excited for each new day to have a new opportunity to try again. I have so much to improve on but I am proud of that girl in the after pictures.” Both Gina and her husband completed my challenge and they rocked it! She was at 35 weeks by the end and you can see that beautiful bump growing in each photo…. so proud of them both!

If you are ready to join in, you can still jump into my current challenge until this Sunday! To get started, you can read all of the details: here! 

I just want to thank everyone of you who entered this challenge, you are AMAZING and have inspired me! I love this community of support.




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