Join the April Challenge!

Join the April Challenge!

Are you ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle and create life long habits? My next 8 week challenge will begin on April 8th and we will be doing just that! Grab a friend, husband, sister, cousin or whoever you want and join in. This is a great way to learn to live a healthy lifestyle in the most realistic way possible. If you’ve been a part of my challenge before, join in again! I will be there to cheer you along and answer any questions you may have. I want you to succeed! You CAN do this!

I am a busy mom of three and I created my meal plans to be simple and realistic. I share all of my tips and tricks for success. My workout guide is great for beginners and can be adjusted as you progress. If you want to reach your goals in a fun and sustainable way, this challenge is for you. You will create life long habits and will have a group of current and past challenge participants to support you along the way.

The official challenge hashtag will be #FCchallenge and I want you to use it to keep me updated and cheer along other participants.

Real people, real results!
A few past participants-

Here are the details:

The grand prize winners: Will be rewarded $100 as well as a one on one phone call from me! I will coach you/help you to set goals, gain motivation & answer any questions you may have! – (Must purchase & follow a meal plan & my 8-Week Workout Guide to qualify.) Please include your order number in your submission email.

Top winners: will receive a $100 cash prize!- Meal plan only winners. (Must purchase & follow either or both of my meal plansto qualify.) Please include your order number in your submission email.


So are you in?? All you need to do to join is follow these simple steps:

1. Purchase either (or both) of my 14 or 28-day meal plans: Found here.
2. If you are planning on entering to win the Grand prize 
($100 + a phone call from me) you will need to purchase my 8-Week Workout Guide: Found here. 
3. Join the Facebook group: “Fitness Carli 8 week meal plan challenge”
If you don’t have Facebook, just skip this step! It is for extra support. 
3. Take a “before” picture holding a sign that says “Fitness Carli Challenge 4-8-19” Note: the Date must be on your sign to prove the validity of the photo.

You will submit your before and after pictures to me at the END of the challenge by following this link-  Challenge submission 

I also ask that you include some of your story/inner transformation in your submission!
(There is nothing else that you need to do to enter the challenge other than what is listed above.)
You only need to purchase a meal plan or workout guide once- from there you can join in ANY challenge at ANY time. Only one workout guide/meal plan will be needed per. household. For example, if both you and your husband would like to do the challenge, you will only need to purchase one plan; just include your order number in your submission at the end of the challenge.

Below are the FAQ’s for my meal plans…..

The only difference between the 14-day and the 28-day meal plans is that the 28-day has more info and more options. I do not have repeating days in these meal plans. If you want to get both you will have 6 weeks of different days.  The 28-day meal plan has a vegetarian day, gluten free day, and a 2,000 calorie day.  It also has food charts to fill in to create your own days. The 14-day is a beginners guide with the same formula as the 28-day but with less options.  Pick the plan that is best for your needs and your preferred price point.

You can purchase my 28-day meal plan here as well as read the description for more information about what is included in this plan. (There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert & snacks for everyday in each plan.)

Below are the FAQ’s for my 14-Day plan:

I also have one day in my 28-day plan that is a vegetarian day. This is to show you how to modify the rest of the plan to be vegetarian friendly. You will just simply need to swap out foods. For example, chicken can be replaced with tofu or chickpeas.

And here is more information on my workout guide:

These workouts consist of three resistance workouts per week: Upper body, Lower body, and Core. The only equipment required for each is a set of dumbbells ranging from 7-10 lbs. For beginners, I suggest using 7-8 lb weights and increasing rep count if you want more of a burn. (When I completed these workouts I only used 10 lb weights and performed all workouts at home after having the twins.)

These workouts are structured to increase intensity as the beginner progresses; this is achieved through increasing speed and rounds along with push-it challenges.

No matter your fitness level these workouts will appeal to you. Each workout consists of 2 rounds lasting 15 minutes each, if that is too overwhelming there is an option to do each set of exercises 2 times through.

Example day for reference:

If you would like to purchase everything in one bundle you can do so by following these instructions: 

The bundle deal includes the 14-day meal plan, 28-day meal plan, 8-week workout guide, and the hard copy of the 28-day meal plan for $150. To get this deal enter code “essentialbundle” at checkout with all 4 items in your cart.

The hard copy is a physical product and will be shipped to the specified address.

My 8 week challenge FAQ:

Do we submit a before photo?
No you do not! You will submit it at the very end with your after picture. Creating an Instagram account for your photos/journey is a great tool for accountability. Connect with others and cheer each other on! Use the hashtag #FCchallenge.

Do we get cheat meals?
YES! We celebrate our cheat meals as well as our green smoothies. Plan a cheat meal once a week. Have fun, balance it out throughout the day with getting all your veggies in, and relax. I suggest not tracking calories on this day.

How are winners chosen?
I choose winners based on the inner and out transformations. Every winner will have their own mental and physical changes that take place. Winners are not based on who loses the most weight but the degree of the inner & outer changes from beginning to end.

I am SO excited to start another challenge! Please email me at with any questions, I am here to help. I can’t wait to see all of your inner and outer transformations. Keep me updated on your journey!

Love always,


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