Have you heard me talk about my Mercedes and Tesla plans on my instagram stories? 

Here's what each one is refering to!

Mercedes=28 Day Meal Plan

Tesla= My New Eating Protocol! (More details and a meal plan coming out soon!)

If you're a struggling momma wanting to feel more confident, happy, strong, empowered, inspired, INVIGORATED, and in allignment with the person you KNOW you can be, I've got you! I realized there are different seasons for different protocols we choose to follow. After I had Navy, I needed the Mercedes Protocol. It involves more carbs and is less intense. Truth is, when I follow this eating protocol I see massive results on the outside but my brain doesn't function as well as it does on the Tesla Protocol. The Tesla Protocol involes increasing fats/proteins and lowering carbs so that your body can stay in fat burning mode through the day. This style of eating is similar to Keto but has a few key distinctions that transform the experience entirly. After talking with a Scientist about the details behind why this protocol is effective I decided to try it out and I felt like an entirely new person. My brain was ENHANCED. I could rememeber things I could never previously remember, I felt alert, energized, present in every moment, and overall SO MUCH HAPPIER. It took more discipline to follow but it has been worth it. With that, I wouldn't have been ready to follow this right after having kids. I needed my Mercedes Plan at that time! 

Think of it this way: 

You're heading to Disney Land for a fun trip! You can either go in a Mercedes- Looks so cute, such a fun ride, windows are down, wind is blowing, you feel hot, cute, sexy, and you get to disney land just fine! 

You also have the choice to go in a Solar Powered Tesla. It costs more money but you will get there faster, it drives itself, it's such a fun ride and you feel AMAZING being inside. Just the thought makes you want to experience that! 

So, both get you to Disney Land (your weight loss goal) but the Tesla will get you there faster. Sometimes we will need to test drive the Tesla but not buy it because we are a little uncertain about it. Maybe you're not ready to commit to the Tesla? If so, the Mercedes will get you there with style as well! 

With these two plans I know I can help anyone and everyone see results if they are willing to try and commit to whatever plan they decide! If you have any more questions feel free to check out my Podcast covering the Tesla and Mercedes Plans!


Carli Williams 

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