Join My Challenge!

Join My Challenge!

I started my fitness journey as a beginner who knew NOTHING about eating for results or fitness routines.  I loved social eating, cheeseburgers, fries, pizza, and guess what?? I STILL DO.  I created a way of eating that was SIMPLE, not overwhelming, and DOABLE.  I used veggies as tools instead of pretending they taste like ice cream.  I also wanted to be able to shop at normal grocery stores, not spend hours in the kitchen, and have a cheat meal on the weekends with zero guilt.  My meal plan will give you all of that and help you maintain your sanity while giving you results.  I give you 14 example days and my formula so you can create your own days based on your preferences. 

Using my meal plan for 8 weeks gives people amazing results. For extra motivation and accountability I wanted to create a fun community of people all using my meal at the same time and supporting each other so the 8 week challenge was born! There are cash prizes for the winning inner/outer transformations and many have found success through it.  Here are some past photos of my 8 week challenge winners/ participants.

My new challenge will start March 26th 2018.  I am also starting one in April 2018. 

Want to join? Here’s how!

  1. Purchase my 14 day meal plan: Found here 
  2. Join the Facebook group: “Fitness Carli 8 week meal plan challenge”
  3. Take a “before” picture holding a sign that says “Fitness Carli Challenge 3-26-18”

Don’t have a Facebook?  That is ok1. It is just there for extra support and to answer questions with people who have been using it.

1st prize: $500

2nd prize: $200

3rd prize: $100

Here are some FAQ’s (please excuse my typo on one of them)

Hope this helps and I am excited to see all the new challenge results! Join with a friend for even more accountability and fun!



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