Join my 8 Week meal plan Challenge!

Join my 8 Week meal plan Challenge!

One thing I try to do on my instagram is make it about my followers.  My favorite way to do this is my 8-week meal plan challenge with cash prizes!  I teach everyone my simple way of eating that got me the results I wanted while also maintaining my sanity, feeding my family, and staying within my student budget.

My next challenge is starting March 26, 2018

The prizes are:

$500 for first place

$200 for second place

$100 for third place

The winners are chosen based on their inner and outer transformations.  Recruit a friend and jump on in!

How to enter:

1. Purchase my 14 day meal plan found HERE.

2. Join my Facebook group for extra support: Fitness Carli 8 week meal plan challenge

* if you don’t have a Facebook that is ok just follow step 3!

3. Take a before picture holding a sign that says “Fitness Carli challenge week 1” with the date you took the picture.

That’s it! So simple.

FAQ’s about my meal plan:

Here are my amazing winners from the last two challenges!

I would LOVE to see everyone join in on my amazing 8-week challenge!



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