Healthy Mac and Cheese Recipe

Healthy Mac and Cheese Recipe

I love to create healthier versions of my favorite recipes, if you’re a mac and cheese lover this is for you! Navy loves mac and cheese and she likes this healthier version just as much as the regular packages. If you’re a busy Mom like me, this is the perfect meal for you and your family. I pair it with Broccoli and chicken for a filling and nutritious dinner.

I love hardy meals like this, especially the night before a big cardio day, it helps to fuel and prep your body for a great workout. You will just want to make sure to balance it out with lower calorie options for breakfast and lunch.  Normally I try to keep meals under 350 calories, but higher calories are needed for big cardio days and sometimes you just need good comfort food.

If you follow my meal plans you know we can eat this healthy version of mac and cheese without the guilt. I have included a free recipe printable below, along with the food group breakdown for those following my 28-Day Meal plan.

You can save or print this recipe here:

I love using the Delallo Organic Whole Wheat Pasta and I usually eat the cup of steamed broccoli with S&P  before the mac and cheese to fill up on veggies. Eating 3 Oz of chicken along with this meal will be a great source of protein, especially for your big cardio day in the morning.

This is one of Navy’s favorite meals so I hope you all enjoy it just as much as she does!



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