Through your fitness journey your goals are what will set you up for either failure or success.  So what are your goals setting you up for? 

If you set goals that are out of your control you will usually fail. Examples of goal like this include:

  • I want to lose 10 pounds. 
  • I want a thigh gap.
  • I want to geta 6 pack.
  • I want to lose the baby weight. 

Those goals are lacking 2 things.  A call to action and GOAL CONTROL.  You will undoubtedly become frustrated and feel failure if you don’t set a goal that is in your control and will produce the result you want.  ACTION leads to desired RESULTS.  Borrow my goals from the beginning of my fitness journey if you need some direction.  They were:

  • I will wake up at 5:30AM and be at the gym by 6 every day this week.
  • I will eat 5 servings of veggies today.
  • I will eat clean until lunch tomorrow and then see if I can do it the next day. 
  • I will start by doing a 2 circuit workout just for tomorrow. 

I made daily and weekly goals that were completely in my control. I started small and grew.  I didn’t get on the scale and feel defeated, I felt pride.  I accomplished something that would change my lifestyle and would eventually give me the results I wanted.  Turn your “I wish” into “I WILL”.  

Hope this helps!



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