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I am giving you all of my secrets for clean eating!  I used this tool to relax and enjoy eating healthy foods that help my progress.

Watch the video below to see how I use my servings chart…


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Here is the servings chart  for FREE!  Print it out or copy it and fill it in through the day.

Servings Chart <—  Free

I also have a “sanity” unnamed category that I use for sauces and flavorings!  I always eat a little bit of sauce with my food always trying to find a low calorie option.  I don’t count them in a servings category, I eat them to maintain my sanity and satisfy my tastebuds.  (Have you ever tried broccoli with stubbs bbq sauce???)

I am not a nutrtionist and I am no where near perfect with this!  This is just the basic framework for my healthy eating habits.

You can add another grain serving if you feel hungry!  I have found that 5 is enough.

I also recommend using the “lose it” app or my fitness pal to tailor the calories to your specific goals.  Find what works for you and what makes you feel good!

Basic rules of thumb:

  • Always look for a low calorie option when you can!

Grains: 80-100 calories per serving and all whole wheat, whole grain, or multigrain.

Here are my favorites: Skinny pop , Quaker Rice cakes, Multigrain tortilla chips, whole wheat pasta, boom chicka pop (only this flavor), Alpine valley omega-3 bread, Flat out bread, better oats 100 cal oatmeal, Kodiak cakes, brown rice, quinoa, the options are endless!

Veggies: 4 of the 5 are green veggies.  A cup of leafy greens, 1/2 c. of cooked veggies are usually 1 serving.  Use the greens so fight hunger!  I always eat veggies before my meals to prevent over eating and to get feel full.

My Favorites: Spinach, steamed broccoli, carrot chips, sweet potatoes

Protein:  (2-3 servings depending on your calorie goal) 100 calories per serving or 3oz of lean meat is a good place to start. (To be honest I guesstimate on this a lot)

My Favorites: 100 calorie protein shakes, Here and Here are the two that I get.  Protein Bars: Here are my FAVORITE they are like dessert! (These are usually two protein servings for me due to the high calories!)

Dairy: I try to eat about 150 calories worth of dairy between the two servings.

My Favorites: Dannon lite and fit coconut vanilla flavor. Yoplait greek 100 whips in cupcake and strawberry.  Cheese sticks, laughing cow cheese wedges, and greek yogurt bolthouse dressings.

Healthy fat: 200 calories worth (save calories here if you can with things like PB2 and lower calorie dressings)

My Favorites: Chocolate PB2, Chocolate roasted almonds, lara bars olive oil dressings,  and avocado.

Fruit: 1 apple, 1 banana, applesauce, 1 c berries, 1 c melon, 1 pear are all examples of 1 fruit serving.

My favorites: Unsweetened cinnamon apple sauce,  Gala apples, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, frozen blueberries.

If you would like my meal plan:  You can paypal me: fitnesscarli@gmail.com or venmo me: carli-williams

7-day: $10.00 with servings.

14 day: $18.00 with calories/ grocery lists.

Leave your email in the comments of the payment!

Hope this helps!



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