Free meal plan chart and how to customize my (or any) meal plan.

Free meal plan chart and how to customize my (or any) meal plan.

My favorite app for meal tracking/planning/ is the “lose it” app.  It is free and the way it operates is really simple.

Download the app… enter in your height, weight, and goals.

This will kick out a target calorie to hit throughout the day.

For example:  When I was wanting to lose weight at the beginning of my fitness journey my target calorie to eat everyday was 1400

When I wanted to maintain:  My target calorie was 1700

Yes this number is “net” so it doesn’t include the number you burn when you workout.  I am always hesitant to add calories back in to my daily allowance.  The instruments that calculate calories that you have burned don’t always kick out a reliable number.  If you are really hungry and had an insane workout you can totally add calories but keep in mind the number your instrument says you burned may be more than you actually burned.  If you do add focus on adding more protein for muscle building.

My 14-day meal plan (found here) days are designed around the “losing weight” number.  They are balanced with 6-essential food groups and focused on meals that have a lot of volume.  1400 calories goes a long way when you are nourishing (maybe forcing down)  first with veggies and finishing off your meals with something that satisfies your taste buds.  I am really good at making sure you don’t feel hungry and your calories aren’t empty! AKA 6-pack promoting calories.

The 6 food groups with their target calories are on the chart below. (This chart is basically how I create my meal plan days.  All of the food/ amount of eat food that goes in each food group is located at the back of my grocery lists found here)

Feel free to print this off and fill it in throughout the day!  That way you can eat what you want when you want by looking at your chart.  I always eat protein after my gym session.

SO… if your target calorie that the lose it app kicks out is 1700, you can add 300 calories to this chart in the food groups that you choose.

Personally I would add about 200 calories to protein, and 100 calories to healthy fat since the plan is high carb based and those food groups are well represented.  You can pick your favorites tho!

Hope this helps!

love, Car.

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