Foods that support milk production

Foods that support milk production

I did some research and found that these foods would increase my supply, so I implemented them into my diet. I started eating these foods after Navy came and now they have all been incorporated into my meal plans because they became my favorite foods. These are great for any mama’s to be or anyone planning on nursing!

Here is my list of foods that will increase your supply:
Disclaimer- I am not a doctor, this is just from my own personal research.

My favorite is with strawberries and walden farms zero calorie syrup on top.

If you’re following my meal plans you know how much I love spinach! It is a great way to get iron and folic acid into your diet. There is a lot of spinach in my meal plans, I love to incorporate it through green smoothies, yummy salads and if you have my 28-Day Meal Plan I even have it in pancakes (which are delicious).

Brown rice: 
My favorite is the organic brown rice frozen packets from Trader Joes. I mix it with broccoli, chicken and a little bit of teriyaki sauce for a quick dinner! It’s a fast dinner that will also nourish your body.

Sweet potatoes:
My favorite way to eat these is roasted with olive oil cooking spray and S&P to taste. I dip them in a little bit of ketchup and they taste just like french fries to me!

I buy a big thing of salmon from Costco and cook it in the oven! It’s super easy and I can bake it in only 10 min.  One of my favorite ways to cook salmon is using my Honey Lemon Salmon recipe from my 28-Day Plan. You can follow this recipe below:

– 6 oz salmon
– 1 Tbs. fresh lemon juice
– Garlic salt
– 2 tsp. honey
Optional: fresh lemon slices and zest

Makes 2 servings about 190 calories per serving

1.Sprinkle salmon generously with garlic salt.
2. Top with honey, lemon juice and fresh lemon zest.
3. Wrap in foil and bake at 400 for 10 minutes.

I know this was a great reminder for me before I have the twins and I hope it is helpful to you all as well!



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