Five 200 or less calorie snacks!

Five 200 or less calorie snacks!

What’s better than snacking? Finding snacks that are delicious with less calories! We all love food and it’s important to treat our bodies to something healthy and delicious. I get a lot of questions about what I eat…these are a few of my favorite snacks!  I’ve included the details below. (Seriously though, these are delicious!)


Yogurt fruit cup 

Break down: Light & Fit Greek yogurt cup and 1 C. black berries. This is so light and a perfect grab and go snack.  It tastes like dessert! Total calorie count: 150 

Crackers with cheese, and cucumbers with dressing.

1/2 of a cucumber dipped in 1/2 TBS Italian dressing.  Tillamook cheese square with 10 reduced fat wheat thins. 
This is my favorite and the whole thing is about 200 calories!  I eat my veggies first to fill up and end with the cheese and crackers. Yum! 

Multigrain chips, salsa and mandarine orange

These multigrain chips are organic, full of awesome ingredients and taste delicious. I dip them in 2 TBS of salsa and finish with a clementine.  Total calorie count: 190 

Cucumber, hummus, egg-whites and crackers

I love this snack because it is a great source of protein! 1/2 cucumber, 3 hard boiled egg whites, 1 TBS hummus, 8 reduced fat wheat thins. Dip everything in the hummus!  Total calorie count: 175 

Cottage cheese ranch with carrots & celery  

Protein and veggies… the perfect healthy snack! Mix 1/2 C. Low fat cottage cheese with 1 teaspoon of a ranch packet. Dip 3 oz of carrots and 2 full size celery sticks in the mixture. It tastes like a party dip and packed with protein.  Total calorie count: 140

I track everything in the “lose it” app.  Hope this helps! Happy snacking! 

Love, Car


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