Fitness and having a family

Fitness and having a family

Being a mom has brought me so much happiness and fulfillment.  I cant remember what life was like before Navy… it seems like it wasn’t as full. 

That being said… the physical changes my body underwent during and after navy were really hard for me mentally as well as physically.  I didn’t feel confident in front of my husband.  I was down, I would gossip, I would complain, I would cry… the list goes on and on.  I didn’t feel like me. Luckily Navy gave me so much happiness that she was still such a light in my sad place. 

I found success with fitness and it totally changed my whole life.  I was confident. I was happy for others. I didn’t need external validation.  I had more energy.  I wanted to help other people. My marriage was really fun and we connected so much more. I accomplished things I never knew I was capable of.

So the question I get sometimes is “why are you not pregnant again?” 

It is absolutely not because of my success with fitness.  It isn’t because my vanity is getting in the way. It is scary and overwhelming to think of having baby 2 and dealing with the physical and mental changes all over again.  I’d be lying if I said I wasnt worried to lose my definition in my stomach and thinking that maybe “baby number two is way harder on your body!” As I’ve been told. 

For the record… I am still able to get pregnant. I mean I think I am since my cycle has not been affected at all because of my desire to be lean and workout. I am very regular. 28 days exactly every monthand it hasn’t changed through every phase of my life. 

The reason is that my husband and I are just simply not ready to add another precious baby to the family yet.  

I can’t wait to have baby number two, but right now it seems it would add a level of stress that would be a little too overwhelming. If you know me you know that this last year has been CRAZY and the crazy is slowly dwindling down to a stable place. 

I would give up my body and fitness success in exchange for my family any day of the week.  My workout routine and food intake is safe and healthy. I focus on nourishing and keeping my mind positive and my body strong.  

Don’t confuse getting healthy with being vain.  Health is important for you as well as your family! 

Just thought I would address it in case anyone was curious… 



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