Congrats to my January Challenge Winners!

Congrats to my January Challenge Winners!

I am SO proud of everyone who was a part of this challenge! I had such a hard time choosing a winner because each one of you did such an AMAZING job. I had to choose several bonus winners, how could I not?! You guys killed it! Thank you SO much for being a part of this challenge and working so hard for the past 8 weeks. All of these inner and outer transformations had me in tears. I wanted to celebrate the winners and share more about them with you all…..


1st place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $1000)

Here is her story:

When I started Carli’s January challenge I was a mom of four boys with my youngest being 3 months old.  I was at a place in my life where I felt out of control on so many levels.  I was trying to juggle parenting my now four boys, trying to get the control of my eating habits so that I could start losing my baby weight and feeling so frustrated with my life.  

I had previously completed Carli’s meal plan challenge in January 2018 and had great success losing 20 lbs.  I told myself It worked for me then, so it will work for me now!  I decided to purchase her workout guide as well. I figured I could find time to do 3 30 minute workouts and week and make the positive changes in my lifestyle that would help me get my body to a place I wanted to be.  I started the challenge  thinking I would have results like last time, drop 2+ lbs a week and kill it.  

This challenge has been so different.  The weight has come off slower than last time and a previous version of myself would have quit because I wasn’t dropping weight like I thought I should.  I kept telling myself throughout the 8 weeks you know the program works, just stick with it!  I decided I was going to just weigh myself at the end of the challenge and put in the work.  I did and completed the journey feeling so great about myself.  No, I did not lose the 20 lbs like last time, in fact I only lost 13 lbs and 16 inches.  I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, and my clothes fit the same as they did before I got pregnant.  

I have grown to love my 1 hour a day I spend working on myself.  I used to think that taking care of myself was buying myself new clothes, or going on a girls night, but now my new idea of self care is spending 1 hour each morning before my kids wake up taking care of my body.  Moving my body and testing its limits has become like therapy for me.  I get so excited every morning to get my sweat on, I have never felt this way about exercise.  

Carli’s workout guide has changed my life!  I am stronger than I have been in such a long time, not just physically, but mentally.  Don’t get me wrong, there were times for sure I didn’t want to complete the workout, but I put on my big girl undies and did it anyway.  Some days I had to workout holding my newborn, previously I would have thought that was a failed attempt at getting my exercise in.  Now any time I get to use my body and move it I will count that as a win.  I have lost the all or nothing mentality that I used to have. I have come to realize my workouts and eating don’t have to be on point 100% of the time, as long as I’m trying I will see progress.  That is why I love Carli’s plans!  They are not just a challenge to do for 8 weeks to see what kind of progress you make then quit.  They are a way of living where you can enjoy your life, eat a treat now and then, and achieve fitness goals you have set for yourself.  Thank you Carli for helping me to really figure out how to change my lifestyle so that I can keep up with my boys, while enjoying my everyday life!  You are the absolute best! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!”

2nd place winner:

Jaime Rippy
(Who will receive a prize of $500)

Here is her story:

“I don’t know where to begin. This meal plan has been life-changing. My whole family is eating healthier and feeling better than ever before.  While I knew I was losing weight, my clothes were fitting better, and I was feeling great, I still just cannot believe the photos from 8 weeks progress! It is such a motivator to have that photo to refer back to you so on days when you’re feeling down you can refer back to where you started.  I was diagnosed with lung cancer last year at age 32. It was an eye-opener that life is short and to quit saying I’m going to start tomorrow on getting healthy.  They removed half of my left lung last year, so I took a good portion of the year to recover, plus it was harder to breathe. But I was excited to fully commit to health in 2019.  I’m so glad that your meal plan is no longer a diet I was trying, it is truly just a way of life and what we eat as our new normal now. I truly appreciate you, Carli! You’re a wonderful motivator and I’m thankful I discovered you! Thank you!!”


Bonus Winners!
(Who will receive a prize of $100)

Laura Burtis 

“…….But I am PROUD to say, with the help of your meal plan & workout plan this is one of the first times in my life I FEEL STRONG. I see muscle definition where I’ve never seen it before & I’ve noticed a huge amount of energy that comes from working out & eating better! This challenge has been so wonderful for me, it really was exactly what I needed to help create a healthier life for not only me but my family too!”

Madalyn Miller 

“….Being able to fit into old jeans is just a plus, the feeling of accomplishment and pride I have in myself for eating right and feeding my family right is the real prize here! Thank you for changing things at the Miller house forever. Thank you for making it realistic and for being SO REAL. It really put my mind at ease and made it feel like I had a buddy to go along with….”

Breann Mataia

“….My daughter has been my inspiration and I want to show her that strong is the new sexy haha. I know I still have a ways to go but thanks to you the path doesn’t seem so daunting. The workouts and meal plan are realistic and totally sustainable. You have changed the way I think about eating and I couldn’t thank you enough!…”

Europa Mataia

“….My wife is the one that found fitness Carli and at first I wasn’t buying that it could actually help me tone up. As a D1 football player I thought I knew everything about toning and building muscle. It wasn’t until I started seeing these results that I knew you had found the shortcut to toning. I am a light now as I was in high school and I am feeling so great. My wife and I used the meal plan and workout guide and we have no intention of stopping….”

Jaime Weber

“…What can I say except for Fitness Carli has done it again! This meal plan has become a lifestyle for me! Working out and eating right is no longer a chore but an act of self-love! I have gained so much gratitude for my body!….”

Kristen Buchanan

“……Within 8 weeks, I lost a total of 11 pounds and 7” WHILE breastfeeding. This challenge was exactly what I needed to help loose the baby weight after my second child. I felt leaner within just the first few days! I was SO HAPPY to find that the meal plan wasn’t a diet at all. It’s so REALISTIC and has totally changed the way I think about food…..”

A HUGE congrats to all of my amazing winners! I am so proud of each of you! Way to kill it! If you are ready to join in on a challenge, we are starting on March 11th, follow this link to join in!

Love you all!




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