Arm Workout with only 10lb weights

The only equipment I have for my at home workouts is a pair of 10 LB weights.  There is so much that you can do with these!  Rule of thumb:  if you feel like the weight is light for the exercise do more reps… if the weight feels heavy for the exercise, do less reps.

Here is an example of a circuit I did today at home with plyometric moves (exercises using only body weight) and 10 LB dumb-bells. Navy wanted to join in for a dance party too… 


PS…The pants I am wearing are like BUTTER and so flattering.  They have the cutest ribbed detail on the side. Oh and I forgot the best part… they were only $15.00!   Plus seafoam green top? YES PLEASE!

Pants: here/ Top: here

These 10 pound weight from amazon are only $8.50 each! Not bad for an at home gym right?  found here

Hope this helps!



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