Arm burning workout!

Arm burning workout!

I’ve been dying to share this killer arm workout with you all! It’s always fun to target specific areas of your body and give them a good burn. If you’re like me, you’re constantly running around and having a simple go-to arm workout is essential.


The best part of this workout is that you can do it anywhere! It felt more comfortable with my bump for me to sit down while working my arms, so listen to your body and do what feels comfortable for you. (I only used 5-pound weights so be sure to talk to your doctor if you’re expecting a little one too!)

Now get ready to feel the burn and tone up those arms!

Here is the breakdown:

1. Arm Curls- 15 reps.

2. Weighted Tricep- 20 reps.

3. Arms Circles- 20 reps.

4. Should Press- 10 reps.

Repeat this exercise 3-4x and listen to your body!

The pants I am wearing are from lululemonand they’re so comfy! I also love how they look paired with this bra from Victoria Secret. Wearing clothes you love and feel good in while you workout can make all of difference.

I love how Navy came to hug me at the end of this shoot! Her hair was a mess and she was in a princess dress, but that is my real Mom life!

The shoes I am wearing are Nike Sock Darts and I absolutely love them! I know it can be tough to find cute and practical workout clothes so I’ve included what I’m wearing below!

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Remember to listen to your body as you workout and always remember to love yourself no matter what. Our bodies do amazing things and it is empowering to see this as we go through the different stages of our lives. 


Love, Car

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