April challenge winners!

April challenge winners!

I am so inspired by each of you who were apart of this challenge! The many submissions received were all so motivational, this community is amazing! So proud of each of you who entered. Each winner was chosen based on their inner and outer transformations. These were all so inspiring to me that I wanted to share some of their story and photos with you all.

1st place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $500)

Sarah Gilreath

Here is a bit of her story:

For week three we were on vacation with my family at the beach. I was so worried about what we would eat and how we would do it, but your meal plan is so simple to follow that keeping up with it was actually simple to do! I ate the dinners that my family prepared each night, but I tried to reign in my portions at dinner, and I stuck to the meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  I was shocked when I got home because I hadn’t gained any weight! Weeks four and five were the most exciting for me. I lost the most weight in week five, and what was really exciting is that people started to notice! One lady at church commented that I looked thinner! Another friend I play tennis with said she could totally tell I had lost weight. At this point I was ECSTATIC! I didn’t think anyone would be able to tell a difference, but they could. Most exciting for me was that clothes that I had saved for years, just in case by some miracle they’d ever fit again, ACTUALLY FIT. I didn’t feel like I looked that different, but my clothes suggested otherwise. That was really encouraging……
Of course the increase in confidence, my weight loss, more energy, and having more clothes that fit have all been amazing results of this challenge, but the effect on my girls has been the best surprise of all! They have been so excited to try our dinners each night. (The honey-lemon salmon recipe, lemon chicken, and grilled shrimp are family favorites around here!) They have cheered me on on our runs, and mentioned how proud they are of their dad and I for doing this. “

Sarah you are INCREDIBLE!!! She seriously killed this challenge and I loved reading her story.

2nd place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $200)

Markelle Snider

Here is a bit of her story:

“Now 2 pregnancies, 3 babies later it was time to take care of myself again, for me and my babies. As a mom to 2 year old twins and an infant I am always focused on them and their needs. Your plans have given me something to do for myself that makes me feel great and gives me the confidence I haven’t had in way too long! I was so nervous to tell people I was starting the plan out of fear that I would fail. However it’s been the total opposite! This has become a lifestyle change for me and I cannot thank you enough! My kids are even eyeing all my veggies asking for them now too!!! I am so happy with how far I’ve come but there is still more work to be done! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this plan that is so easy to follow and guides me in the right direction! I’m down 18 pounds since April 30.”

Markelle, you are AMAZING! Way to go!!!


3rd place winner:
(Who will receive a prize of $100)

Jessica Robertson

Her is a bit of what she shared with me:

“…And I just have to say, that this is the easiest diet I have ever been on. I loved that I didn’t have to cut out any food groups to lose weight, which I have done before. I loved that I got to eat a burger and shake for my cheat meal once a week and didn’t need to feel bad about it. I loved that I was feeding my family delicious, easy, healthy meals and eating out less. I loved that I felt stronger as I started to exercise more. loved that I lost 9 pounds since starting your meal plan. And I loved that I felt like I had accomplished something great at the end of each day.”

Jessica!!! You killed it! I am so proud of you!!!

There were SO many amazing transformations that I totally had to pick 3 bonus winners:
(Who will receive a prize of $50)

Congrats to Jodi Thorpe, Andrea Goosens & Paula Stack! So proud of you all!

Thank you to everyone that entered! If you would like to be a part of this amazing community, join my next challenge starting on July 2nd! You can join here and grab all of the details while you are at it. I am so proud of each of you and grateful for this community!




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