Answering All Things.... SOURDOUGH

Answering All Things.... SOURDOUGH

Hello Fitness Carli Friends! This post is long overdue as you guys are on your toes wanting to know about all things sourdough! Here is the most asked questions that I received.. I hope this helps!

Wait....I can eat sourdough and still burn fat? HOW?!?

The short answer is YES!! There is a catch though-- in order to prevent your glucose from spiking (AKA staying in fat-burning mode) you have to be sure that you are combining sourdough with tons of protein + fat. 

How many slices a day/week would you recommend if I'm still trying to lose weight?

This is a very relative question, but for BEST results we recommend a few slices a week. Open-ended turkey panini's are great for this! The most important part is being sure that you are mixing the sourdough with tons of protein + fat! The recipe at the bottom of this post is my favorite way to eat sourdough, and can easily be switched up! 

What does sourdough do to your glucose levels? Does sourdough alone raise levels? Do I have to drink pickle juice after eating it?

My glucose levels do not spike when I am eating sourdough with tons of protein + fats! Sourdough will spike your levels if you eat it alone, but it is a slower rate of spike due to the nature of the bread. You don't have to drink pickle juice after eating it as long as you're sure that sourdough is not the star of the meal, and more of an "afterthought".

What is the best brand of sourdough? Do you make your own sourdough or buy it?

I buy sourdough instead of making it, but this sourdough starter recipe is great! This momma doesn't have time to make it, but hats off if you do! 

Here is my recommendations of brands: 

GOOD- Specially Selected Sourdough - ALDI (great option, just has lots of extra ingredients!)

BETTER- San Luis Sourdough - WALMART

BEST- Izzio Sourdough - Sprouts/Kroger/Online 

If none of these options are available near you here are a few key ingredients to look for when finding a true sourdough: 

Why does it have to have a sourdough starter? What IS a sourdough starter?

 The science behind sourdough comes from the starter. The starter is fermented (we LOVE fermented foods in this protocol!) and during that process the alters the structure of the starch in the bread. This helps with slower digestion, so instead of a "SPIKE" of glucose your body is able to break it down slowly. Add in protein + fats in with that, and your body will have minimal, if none at all, effect from the carbohydrates in sourdough. Here is a link to a very educational post about the benefits of sourdough from a low-glycemic standpoint. 

What time of the day should I eat the sourdough? 

There is no specific time of day that is going to stray your progress as long as it is being prepared with high protein and high fat content. 

Do you recommend it over whole wheat, Ezekiel multigrain, or Dave's Killer bread? 

You are welcome to eat any bread that you desire (any food you desire truly!) BUT for best results and maximum fat loss we recommend sourdough!

Is this okay to eat if you're following your 28 day meal plan? 

 You are welcome to have sourdough in the 28 day meal plan, it just counts as your calories under carbs. This aspect of digestion and sourdough is in relation to my Fat Blasting Meal Plan and my Tone Up Challenge! 



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