Alo yoga style

Alo yoga style

A couple of months ago I bought these white pants from Nordstrom and I love them! I am seeing everyone wear this brand at the gym and I love pretty much all the alo yoga gear.  I came across a similar pair of white pants online that were less then half the price but had all the style! (they don’t have the alo logo on the back of the leg obviously)  I ordered from a few vendors, waited a month, and found one out of the three that I tried that was well made and awesome quality.   I 3 of them just in case they were amazing… I lucked out because they are!  Of course it is hard to compete with the actual alo brand with the thickness of that material, but these are great for a budget friendly option without compromising style.

Here are some other alo yoga things that I am loving right now… the designs make you feel so pretty!

/White yoga mesh pants/ found here.

/blue moto legging/ found here (I have these in green and they are AWESOME)

ALSO I have a few extra ones in size 2-4 (they say medium but it is about a 2-4 and they don’t squeeze)  If you want them… comment below! I will take venmo or PayPal. 45.00 including shipping! Here are more pictures of them! UPDATE:  the pants are sold out!  I will try and find another good vendor since this vendor is out of themI will keep you updated! 

Hope you are having a wonderful week!





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